Who is the Psychic in Stilettos? Amelia Pisano is spunky, curvaceous, dark haired, Toronto born beauty; who is an Evidential Medium, Psychic, and Empath, all balanced on stilettos.
We are all born on to this earth with a purpose, talent, and gifts. These blessed gifts are sometimes handed down through the generations, as did Amelia’s. As far back as the 1800’s, in a small Southern Italian town, Amelia’s great, Grandmother was marked as a Witch because of her gift, and societies lack of knowledge and beliefs. This mark hung a darkness over her family for years. Amelia’s maternal Grandmother’s side of the family, all had the gift, even Amelia’s Mother, who was a devout Roman Catholic, but she hid her gift most of her life, due to her strict belief. With this denial, she also tried to shelter and ignore Amelia’s genetic inheritance once she realized, she too had the gift. The problem with dismissing, as imagination, the gift a child has, can literally mar the child and make them feel there is something wrong with them.
Amelia was likeable, her fun loving personality made it easy for her to make friends quickly, yet she never felt she fit in. When her relationships became close, it became harder to tell her friends the things she saw, so Amelia learned to block her gift. Trying to fit in was easier, than being outcast and labelled a nut. Yet when alone, away from her friends, Amelia’s fascination with Ghost and spirits grew.
By the time Amelia was 24yrs old, she met and married a wonderful man named John. Amelia was living in Toronto, and John in Hamilton, Then the couple moved to Stoney Creek, Ontario, the same Stoney Creek known for its historic battle of 1812. Amelia and John were now living amongst the restless souls of soldiers who perished on the battlefield behind their home. Amelia began hearing footsteps, voices, and even smelling gunpowder in her backyard. She tried to dismiss these occurrences as anxiety, or maybe even depression due to being alone while her husband worked. It was hard being away from the family and city she grew up in.
One night, not long after she moved to Stoney Creek, Amelia began hearing footsteps passing back and forth up on the 2nd floor. When she looked up, she saw a mist above her. Tired, Amelia was tired, she didn’t worry about the mist as it was probably one of the many spirits passing through her property daily. When
morning came, the mist was now at the end of her bed. Slowly it formed into the
outline of an elderly woman in her 60’s. The figure proceeded to sit at the foot of the bed; Amelia felt the woman had a warm, and loving presence about her, so
she never felt scared by the apparition in her presence. After a few moments, the
mysterious figure disappeared, and Amelia started questioning her own sanity.
She decided to attend Mass at the Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church. After
Mass, Amelia spoke with the Priest; asking him to do a blessing at her home. Later that day, the Priest performed his blessing, and everything seemed to go
without incident, and yet after the Priest left, the sounds and mist persisted.
The next day, a call was made to Amelia’s only friend in the area at the time, Lina Holstein. Lina was very sensitive, but not an active Psychic. When she walked through Amelia’s home, she sensed an older woman, it turned out to be Amelia’s maternal Grandmother whose footsteps Amelia had heard. Lina said her Grandmother was asking; “where her childhood doll was?” Amelia told Lina the doll was in the other room. Lina then told Amelia, her Grandmother would always stay with her doll and keep Amelia safe. Lina told Amelia, she should cross her Grandmother over. Amelia felt good about the messages she had received from the Grandmother she never knew in life. After Lina left, later that night, Amelia called her mother, sharing what had transpired earlier that day. Her mom began to cry over the phone. She told her daughter she had been praying for the last year, asking her mom to watch over her daughter and keep her safe. Amelia laughed and told her mom to tell Nonna to go back home. In the end though, it was Amelia who crossed her Grandmother over. She was 24yrs old when she guided her Grandmother’s spirt to cross over. From that point on, Amelia’s mother opened up to her, telling stories about the family and things long forgotten by Amelia during her childhood. Her mother was highly intuitive and interpreted dreams like no other. The two women had a new relationship they both cherished. Sadly, in 1996, Amelia lost her mother when she went into surgery for a triple, which turned out to be a quintuple bypass. She survived the surgery, but was mistakenly moved from the recovery room instead of another patient, and went into cardiac arrest in the elevator, 20 minutes after surgery. Amelia’s mother was 66yrs old, the same age her mother, Amelia’s Grandmother, had died. Since then, Amelia has felt comfort since her mother’s passing; she sees her in the light while she helping other souls cross over into the light.
A couple of years ago, Amelia had a few NDE (near death experiences) after she went into the hospital for a procedure that was delayed an hour. Somehow the IV wasn’t changed for her, and 10 hours later, the doctors finally got her to wake-up from her allergic reaction to the morphine that had been running through her veins. A steady stream of doctors in white coats apologized for the error, praying they wouldn’t be sued.
When Amelia had her NDE, she found her abilities within her gift had become so much stronger. She did a lot of testing to see how strong her abilities had become; and in the process met her mentor, Lorie Johnson, a highly gifted Psychic. Lorie told Amelia she was a Goddess of Children and extremely gifted. Amelia had seen children in spirit around her since she could remember. Her love of children and wanting to help them, is why Amelia has crossed over so many young souls. Lorie then predicted Amelia would work together with her one day, and she was right.
Since then, this Psychic in Stilettos, has worked many cold cases, active missing children’s cases, and active murder cases, helping law enforcement, families, and individuals find their missing and loved ones. Amelia also does ‘Grief’ readings for individuals which connects those who have lost their loved ones, giving families messages and whispers from heaven. Amelia loves to let them know their loved ones have moved forward into a spiritual world where they’re loved, happy, and healed. She gives validation, and evidence, which leaves those here on earth at peace.
Amelia Pisano, the ‘Psychic in Stilettos’, stands out from others for her kindness, and caring soul. She stands out for her accuracy, confidentiality, and willingness to help. Amelia never forgets to be thankful to God for the blessings and gifts she was given. Her gift has helped those here on earth, and in the spirit world as well. This amazing, Psychic in Stilettos, is a blessing to all.
* * *
Written by: CC Champagne

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